Coloreria Italiana

An easy yet creative solution to dye items with extraordinary results. Coloreria italiana has developed a complete range of products that enable users to dye all types of items and fabrics.

  • Cotton, flax and viscose: the first liquid dye for fabrics that can be added during machine washing. Besides being practical and easy to use, this product is available in a wide range of colors for fabrics in cotton, flax, silk, hemp and jute. Available in 18 different colors, from the classical black and blue to more fashionable shades, this product enables to renew and change the color of garments and always be perfectly in trend with new fashions;
  • Jeans: this is the first liquid dye specific for denim garments. The two colors available enable to restore the original shine of any garment;
  • Delicate: this is the first liquid dye for silk and nylon fabrics that can be added during hand washing. Thanks to its exclusive formulation, the dye immediately dissolves into the water guaranteeing a shiny and permanent dye;
  • Discoloring: this product can be used during machine and hand washing to remove the dye from vegetable and animal fabrics in order to restore the original color and dye them into any other color;

All Coloreria italiana packages contain a pre-dosed kit with the dye and fixing agent to simplify their use during machine and hand washing.

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