Social Responsibility

Guaber business model aims at creating value over the long term, while being respectful for the environment and the community where it operates.

Guaber main activities in this respect are:

  • Vape Foundation
  • FSC certification
  • Company car park with zero impact
  • Partnership

Currently it is a foundation legally recognized, whose aims are solidarity and scientific research.
The organization takes its name from VAPE, an internationally renowned brand that was developed thanks to the joint collaboration of Guaber, Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese multinational specialized in research of active principles, and Fumakilla Japan, the owner of the Vape brand, of which Guaber has been a partner and shareholder for over 25 years.

During these years of activity, the foundation financed several projects of non-profit and voluntary organizations. Among these: donation of Olyset© mosquito nets with insecticide to Unicef to help protect the populations and specifically children from malaria after the 2004 tsunami; financial support for the creation of seven artesian wells in the area of the “Hagaz agro-tecnical School” in Eritrea; donation of several high-tech medical devices to the cardiology department of the Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna.

In May 2009 Vape foundation supported the region of Abruzzo offering different products to the Italian Red Cross in favor of people affected by the earthquake. During Christmas 2009 Vape foundation offered its support to the project "Angels against malaria" sponsored by Cesvi; In June 2010 Vape Foundation published the new application METEO ZANZARE, to help consumers preventing mosquitos' bytes.

Guaber obtained FSC certification for the Acchiappacolore brand and for all the furniture of his new offices.

FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL (FSC) is a nonprofit, independent and international organization that aims to promote the responsible management of forests and plantations in order to protect the natural environment.

The FSC certification and labeling permit to consumers and companies to highlight that the wood and its derivatives used in their products is sourced from appropriate and responsible managed forests according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. 

Guaber is one of the few companies in Italy to fully offset the CO2 emissions of its car fleet. Through an agreement with its car supplier and Lifegate (a company specializing in corporate social responsibility projects), Guaber calculates the annual CO2 emissions of its fleet, considering the models included in the car policy and the actual annual mileage of its cars. Currently Guaber fleet produces 284.700 kg of CO2 per year, and it will be offset reforesting 73.470 m² of bare areas in Costa Rica. This extension absorbs 284.700 kg of CO2 per year, making zero impact Guaber car flee

Over the years Guaber built a partnership and constant collaboration with ANT, an organization active in the fight against human cancer (, favoring the involvement of his employees on social projects.

Guaber reimburses 2 working days per year to its employees for any voluntary activity that they decide to undertake.